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Sunday, June 11th, 2023

Show 1
Youth Program 

Youth Recital | Show 1

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1. Advanced Academy


Choreographer: Sarah Beth Penny

Sydney Ganzer, Fiona Jones, Molly Keng, Scarlett Miller, Carina Moore, Grace Sullivan, Mia Winn


2. Jazz/Lyrical Level III/IV Sunday 1:15pm

“You Can't Stop The Beat", from the musical, Hairspray

Choreographer/Teacher: Grace Walker

Ella Althoff, Skye Chan, Claire Chewning, Zoe Gant, Quinn Hurson, 

Gabrielle Klein, Sydney Kline, Lauren Lantry, Sydney Magnuson, Anna Qi, Nayeli 

Roch, Caroline Wager, Kat Wilson


3. Youth Ensemble Saturday 2pm

“Faith", from the Motion Picture, Sing    

Choreographer/Teacher: Grace Walker

Ana DeMola, Evelyn Merritt, Leah Pacifico, Sophie Rogers, Claire Smarr


4. Jazz Level V Thursday 6:30pm

“Mamma Mia", from the musical, Mamma Mia

Choreographer/Teacher: Sarah Beth Penny

Arden Buckley, Alex Eggers, Violeta Gamboa, Stella Gilbert, Syra Goyal, Kate Kim, Ally 

Korsmo, Mia Mani, Ava Mason, Maeve Meeker, Claire Leonard, Hadley Mitnick, Alexa Pizzi, Jackie Timm


5. Ballet Level II Wednesday 7:15pm

Waltz from the Ballet: "Sleeping Beauty"

Choreographer/Teacher: Brittany Bolick

Ada Gai, Clare Gillette, Caroline Grabowicz, Sage Hegreness, Lily Kahn, Ana Robinson, Rory 

Wastler, Olivia Zhao


6. Teen Jazz Wednesday 8:15pm 

“Someone In A Crowd', from the Motion Picture, La La Land

Choreographer/Teacher: Brittany Bolick

Nora Althoff, Ava Carter, Ellie Evans, Mattie Korsmo, Jennah Mostafa, Elosie Perry


7. Contemporary Level III/IV Tuesday 5:15pm

“Rain", by theatre and movie star Ben Platt

Choreographer/Teacher: Sarah Beth Penny

Kate Beck, Kirpa Buttar, Alma Charpentier, Ellie Forman, Emily-Rose Givens, Gabrielle Klein, 

Eva Mitrovic, Leah Pacifico, Sadie Saphier, Emerson Schroeder, Claire Smarr, Zanna Steely-

Blank, Isabella Wang-Chen

8. Hip Hop Level III/IV Saturday 11am

“I Don't Dance", from the Disney Channel Movie, High School Musical II

Choreographer/Teacher: Sarah Beth Penny

Ava Alexander, Ciana Bhalla-Lowitt, Andie Brown, Claire Chewning, Sophia Colsia, Justin 

Dame, Ruby Givan, Myra Ovuka, Maddie-Jane Reeves


9. Ballet Level V Monday 6:30pm 

Romeo & Juliet: "Act 2 Scene 3"

Choreographer/Teacher: Katy Clay

Liana Canfield, Alex Eggers, Alexandra Eriksen, Isabella Gantt, Sophie Hanlan, Genevieve 

Korsmo, Keiran LaBarre, Zoe Lee, Evelyn Merritt, Clara Milner, Elena Moldthan, Willa Olinde


10. Ballet Level II Sunday 12:15pm

Coppelia: "Scene et Valse"

Choreographer/Teacher: Johanna Barbosa

Isabella Baruffi, Vivian Chen, Iris Gilman, Emma Hong, Teagan Hurson, Aubrey Mason, Lydia 



11. Teen Hip-Hop Friday 5:30pm

“A Little Party Never Killed Nobody", from the Motion Picture, The Great Gatsby

Choreographer/Teacher: Sarah Beth Penny 

Mattie Korsmo, Liam McCabe, Elosie Perry


12. Jazz Level III/IV Wednesday 6:15pm

“Jailhouse Rock", from the Motion Picture, Jailhouse Rock

Choreographer/Teacher: Sarah Beth Penny 

Audrey Berkheiser, Charlotte Crowe, Ana DeMola, Bree Dillaman, Ellie Forman, Ruby Givan, 

Emily-Rose Givens, Brynn Harry, Ariel Jeweler, Alexandra (Ally) Matisoff, Leah Pacifico, 

Emma Perkins, Maria Victoria Quiroz, Marin Springmann, Zanna Steely-Blank


13. Ballet Level II Tuesday 5:15pm

Coppelia: "Variation"

Choreographer/Teacher: Johanna Barbosa

Beatrice Alba, Olivia Bustamante, Eva Clausell, Alina Ired, Saara Ismail, Madelyn Ma, Sienna 

Park, Neve Taylor, Evelyn Thomas, Claire Zhang


14. Ballet Level V Thursday 5:30pm

Giselle: "Allegretto"

Choreographer/Teacher: Johanna Barbosa

Abigail Ali, Arden Buckley, Liana Canfield, Charlotte Edwards, Aria Erdie, Violeta Gamboa, 

Dara Hoffman, Kate Kim, Ava Mason, Daliyah McKimmy, Evelyn Merritt, Ainhoa Orozco, 

Catherine Stapleton, Ava Yuan, Grace Zhang


15. Teen Lyrical Thursday 7:30pm

“Music of the Night", from the musical, The Phantom of The Opera

Choreographer/Teacher: Grace Walker

Valeria Aguirre, Cassie Gore, Michael Houle, Mattie Korsmo, Alisa Miettinen, 

Elosie Perry, Jordan Schulman, Dinara Tekin

16. Ballet Level II Thursday 4:30pm

La Bayadere: "Adante Delicato"

Choreographer/Teacher: Johanna Barbosa

Melina Colic, Olivia Hahn, Naomi Johnson, Aria Mayur, Sadie Mosteller, Avery Paik, Amalie 

Pirnia, Ayaan Sears, Charlotte Seifert, Lina Sierks, Nina Sviedrys, Evelyn Thomas


17. Ballet Level III/IV Monday 5pm

Coppelia: "Waltz of The Hours"

Choreographer/Teacher: Jessie Cobb

Elizabeth Campbell, Ana DeMola, Brynn Harry, Charlotte Kotzur, Abby Lena, Alisha Mathew, Bella Ruth Parnell, Veronica Renaud


18. Jazz/Contemporary Level I Wednesday 5:15pm

“Cruisin' for a Bruisin", from the Disney Channel Movie, Teen Beach Movie

Choreographer/Teacher: Sarah Beth Penny 

Anna Barbee, Anna Bragan, Jacqueline Gilman, Summer Kovacevich, Aldrik Macik, Juliana 

Muller-Tabanera, Cleo Ninan, Emelyn Tegel, Anya Thompson, Nadia Zurita


19. Jazz/Hip-Hop Level I Tuesday 6:15pm

“Boogie Wonderland", from the Motion Picture, Madagascar

Choreographer/Teacher: Johanna Barbosa

Hazel Hemmerlein, Hailey Jeweler, Amy Pacifico, Sona Pandarinath, Karina Pandhi, Emery 

Rivest, Josie Saphier, Navi Vohra


20. Teen Intermediate/Advanced Ballet Saturday 12pm

Don Quixote: "Gypsy Dance"

Choreographer/Teacher: Johanna Barbosa

Mary Alnmir, Jack Anglin, Ellie Evans, Michael Houle, Evelyn Ivanauskas, Ally Korsmo, Mattie 

Korsmo, Kara Lever, Alisa Miettinen, Ayah Qutub, Jordan Schulman, Dinara Tekin, Madeleine 

Wilson, Victoria Zhao


21. Ballet Level III/IV Saturday 12pm

Cinderella: "Departure for the Ball"

Choreographer/Teacher: Katy Clay

Claire Chewning, Isabel Choi, Emily Flach, Sabrina Kicklighter, Kaia McFadden, Amina 

Murray, Maddie-Jane Reeves, Veronica Renaud, Ava Rogers


22. Jazz/Hip-Hop Level V Saturday 1pm

“Real In Rio", from the Motion Picture, Rio

Choreographer/Teacher: Johanna Barbosa

Yumna Bou-Habib, Genevieve Korsmo, Evelyn Merritt, Sophie Rogers, Jackie Timm


23. Ballet Level III/IV Thursday 6:30pm

La Bayadere: "Allegro Delicato"

Choreographer/Teacher: Johanna Barbosa

Teresa Bayer, Ciana Bhalla-Lowitt, Ana DeMola, Eloise Laperriere, Gloria Li, Tabitha Ocel, 

Claire Smarr, Olivia Tanner, Isabella Wang-Chen


24. Ballet Level III/IV Sunday 2:15pm

Coppelia: "Bolero"

Choreographer/Teacher: Johanna Barbosa

Liliya Anderson, Sydney Baird, Finley Fork, Zoe Gant, Annabelle Headd, Sydney Kline, Chloe 

Lee, Laurie Ma, Sydney Magnuson, Alayna Patel, Caroline Wager, Juliana Wyss


25. Jazz/Lyrical Level II Wednesday 6:15 pm

“The Party's Just Begun", from the Disney Channel Movie, Cheetah Girls

Choreographer/Teacher: Brittany Bolick

Ada Gai, Olivia Hahn, Maya Hulver, Alina Ired, Sadie Mosteller, Eleanor 



26. Teen Intermediate/Advanced Ballet Monday 7:30pm

Don Quixote: "Allegretto"

Choreographer/Teacher: Johanna Barbosa

Mary Alnmir, Jack Anglin, Ellie Evans, Michael Houle, Evelyn Ivanauskas, Ally Korsmo, Mattie 

Korsmo, Kara Lever, Alisa Miettinen, Ayah Qutub, Dinara Tekin, Madeleine Wilson


27.Ballet Level III/IV Wednesday 7:15pm

Giselle: "Dance of The Peasants"

Choreographer/Teacher: Katy Clay

Charlotte Crowe, Ruby Givan, Emily-Rose Givens, Alexandra (Ally) Matisoff, Dariia Oleksii, 

Leah Pacifico, Maria Victoria Quiroz, Claire Smarr, Fleur Stewart


28. Jazz/Hip-Hop Level II Sunday 11am

“Fabulous", from the Disney Channel Movie, High School Musical

Choreographer/Teacher: Grace Walker

Vivian Chen, Hailey Englehart, Mary Natonski, Avery Paik, Lydia Swamy


29. Musical Theatre Level III-V Sunday 3:15pm

“Friend Like Me", from the movie and musical, Aladdin

Choreographer/Teacher: Danielle Sirinsky

Skye Chan, Elizabeth Gilbert, Tabitha Ocel, Sophie Rogers, Siena Wilcox


30. Finale- Please Don’t Stop The Music!

The Youth Level Dancers


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