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DAV Families,Join Our
Mini, Junior, and Senior 
Ensemble Programs!

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About Our
Ensemble Programs
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Our Ensemble Program

is an audition-only program designed to provide an encouraging community where dancers can grow as artists, performers, and teammates. Placement is based on the dancer’s skill level and audition performance.

Audition Details: Open to rising 2nd - 12th grade dancers


Available at both our McLean and Del Ray studios


Join us and take your dance journey to the next level!

DAV Ensemble Programs

 Mini Ensemble 

is an audition-based

program designed for our Mini  Dancer's

Auditions Details:

Open to our rising 2nd-5th 

Junior Ensemble

is an audition-based

 program for our Junior Dancer's


Auditions Details:

Open to our rising 6th-12th grade dancers

Senior Ensemble

is an audition-based program designed for our Senior Dancer's

Audition Details:

Open to our rising 6th - 12th grade dancers

Hip-Hop Ensemble

is an audition-based program designed for our Ballet & Hip-Hop Dancer's.

Audition Details:

Open to our rising 6th - 12th grade dancers

Why join our Ensemble Program?

Performance Opportunities 

Joining our ensemble program provides numerous opportunities to perform and shine on stage. You'll get to participate in:

  • DAV'S Spring Recital: Showcase your talent in our highly anticipated recitals.

  • Local Events: Perform at community events and festivals.

  • Competitions: Compete in regional and national dance competitions.

  • Showcases: Be part of special showcases and themed performances.


Why Participate in Our Ensemble Program? 

  • Teamwork: Build strong collaboration and teamwork skills.

  • Skill Development: Enhance your dance techniques and performance abilities.

  • Community: Become part of a supportive and passionate dance community.

  • Performance Opportunities: Enjoy multiple chances to perform in recitals, competitions, and local events.

  • Fun and Excitement: Experience the joy and excitement of dancing with others.

For more information, Contact Us! 

DAV Ensemble Program is based on audition and assessment.
For more information please contact us.

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