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501c(3) non-profit

Welcome to Dance Academy VA Productions, a 501c(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding the benefits of dance education throughout our community through scholarships, productions, and outreach initiatives.



Dance Academy VA Production’s mission is to provide quality dance education to children through dance productions, scholarships and outreach initiatives.


We believe that a dance education supports children as they build skills for life through discipline, perseverance, self-improvement, friendship and joy. Through our programming we encourage children to develop a healthy mindset while enjoying the critical learning process and preparation for stage performance.


Empower confidence

Create magical experiences 

Inclusion & diversity

Growth mindset

Educate the whole child

Support families in guiding their children

Providing resources for need-based dance scholarships



Scholarship Fund: We raise funds to support dance students in financial need with tuition scholarships for dance education. To date we have supported 7 students with partial and full tuition scholarships. 


Take the Stage: Our performance initiative to produce dance productions for dance students to develop confidence, self-achievement, perseverance, work ethic, courage, expression, commitment, attention to detail, and teamwork comradery. 


Community Outreach: We offer after-school and in-school dance programming in community schools and organizations. 

EmpowerHer: Coming soon! Programming to support leadership & mindset training for female dancers to support confidence and leadership capabilities.

Give the gift of dance: support Dance Academy VA Productions with your donation today!


Thank you so much for awarding our daughter with a scholarship to attend classes at the Dance Academy of Virginia. I have no words to express my gratitude in these difficult times. Dancing is sure making her days lighter and happier. Isabel is a child with a zest for life. She is a happy girl that dances when she’s walking when getting her favorite snack when walking in the park. She uses her body movements to express her deepest emotions - sadness, anger, or frustration. But above all, shed dance, and dance when she is happy."           


I could not be more thankful and full of joy when we found that Isabel was awarded the scholarship to dance at the Dance Academy of Virginia. Of course, Isabel’s reaction to it was magical: she danced, and jumped, and ran all over. I do not know what the future holds for Isabel when it comes to dancing. However, I know that being tutored by the fantastic teachers at DAV will make her world bigger, better, and more colorful. Thank you so much, Ms. Horrigan, and all the DAV team. I am optimistic that the experience of dancing at DAV will make Isabel thrive in her dancing endeavors.

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