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DAV |Dress Code 22/23

Entire class uniform is available by level, including leotards, tights/pants, shoes, & skirts.

Additional apparel, accessories & gift ideas are also available by browsing the store.

DAV |Dress Code 21/22

Little Dancer & Youth Programs


Girls: Leotard (see class dress code for color), pink tights, pink ballet shoes, long hair in a bun, (skirt optional)

Boys: White t-shirt, black jazz pants/leggings, black ballet shoes

Contemporary Styles

Girls: Leotard (see class dress code for color), black jazz pants/leggings/fitted shorts, long hair in ponytail

Boys: any color fitted t-shirt, black jazz pants/leggings/fitted shorts

  • Shoes: (combo classes bring both shoes to each class)

    • Jazz- tan jazz shoes

    • Contemporary, Modern- bare foot or socks (teacher preference) 

    • Lyrical- bare foot/ballet shoes/tan jazz shoes (teacher preference)

    • Tap- black tap shoes

    • Hip Hop- sneakers


Class Dress Codes:

Move with Me & Dancing Tots

Little Dancer

PreK Ballet

PreK Ballet/Tap

PreK Ballet/Jazz

PreK Jazz/Tap

Kinder Ballet

Kinder Ballet/Tap

Kinder Ballet/Jazz

Kinder Jazz/Tap

Ballet I

Modern I

Jazz/Lyrical I/II

Jazz/Hip Hop I/II

Tap I/II

Jazz/Tap II

Ballet II/III

Hip Hop II/III

Jazz/Hip Hop II/III

Jazz/Lyrical II/III

Contemporary II/III

Ballet III/IV

Jazz/Lyrical III/IV

Contemporary III/IV

Hip Hop/Lyrical IV

Youth Beginning Ballet

Teen Hip Hop/Lyrical

Teen Jazz/Lyrical

Teen Ballet Intermediate

Teen Ballet Advanced

Teen Lyrical Advanced


The Academy Ballet/Contemporary Division

Pre-Academy -Royal Blue Leotard

Academy A - Marine Blue Leotard

Academy B - Teal Leotard

Academy C - Mulberry Leotard

Conservatory - Plum/Eggplant Leotard


Ballet - Level color leotard, pink tights, ballet shoes, hair in a bun

Contemporary Styles – Level color leotard, black jazz pants/leggings/fitted shorts, ponytail. Black leotard as back up.


  • Tan jazz shoes

  • Sneakers for hip hop


The Academy Tap Division

Girls: Black leotard, black jazz pants/leggings, black tap shoes, long hair in ponytail

Boys: White t-shirt, black jazz pants/leggings, black tap shoes

DAV |Dress Code