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We are so excited to announce our In Studio Holiday Showing, taking place during the week of December 9-15th! These short, informal performances will take place during your dancer's regularly scheduled class time. This is such a special time for our dancers, as they look forward to showing their skills learned thus far. These showings also help introduce our dancers to performance skills and qualities to share in the spring for our big annual recital!

Note, the Following classes are NOT participating in the In-Studio Holiday Showcase:

All Academy Classes

All Youth Ensembles

Pre-Pointe and Pointe

Move with Me and Dancing Tots


Important Notes:


*Please drop your dancer off in their designated studio

*All dancers will stay for their entire class time

*The performance itself will be approximately 5-10 minutes

*Showings will be in Studio C OR Studio D

*PARENTS/GUESTS: Please check into our Lobby five minutes before your dancer's scheduled performance time. We will call you in when it is time for your class to perform

*Siblings, grandparents, and friends are welcome to attend


Little Dancers Costumes and Hair

*All Little Dancer classes will be provided a borrowed costume that they will wear over their class leotard (no attached skirts if possible)

*All Little Dancer, PreK, and Kinder classes will arrive in Ballet Shoes and Pink Tights

* Kinder Musical Theatre/Tap and Kinder Jazz/Tap will arrive in Tan Tap Shoes and Tan Tights

*Hair should be out of the dancer's face and pulled back into a ballet bun and secured in place


Youth and Teen Costumes and Hair

*All Level I through Teen Ballet Classes will be provided a white ballet skirt or romantic tutu to wear over their class leotard for the performance

*All Level I through Teen Mixed Style Classes (jazz, tap, hip-hop, contemporary, lyrical classes) will wear a plain red top (or one of our Holiday Showcase shirts) and black leggings or pants, please wear your class leotard under your red top. 

*We will have a very limited amount of Holiday Showcase red t-shirts to purchase at the end of November

*Please be sure to have your appropriate class shoes with you

*Hair should be out of the dancer's face and pulled back into a ballet bun if they are in a ballet class and in a ponytail if they are in a contemporary style class

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