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June 5th Celebration Showcase
Children's Theatre-in-the-Woods

1551 Trap Road, Vienna, Virginia 22182

to park

  • Photo of Children's Theatre

  • Park in Lot 1 or 4

  • Drive toward box office, make right turn on Stage Rd before box office. (sign to lot 4)

  • Lot 1 closer to stage

Get to
the Stage

  • Follow path from Lot 1

  • Follow DAV arrows to stage (5m walk)


 Be Prepared

  • Follow us on Facebook for weather related schedule updates

  • Read logistics info below


  • Arrive in costume

  • Wear shoes for woods (sneakers, sturdy sandals)

  • Hair-Ballet – bun for long hair, pulled off face for short hair. All other styles- ponytail

  • If in multiple dances, do not change hair.

  • Make-up- optional. (simple, clean eye make up at most)

  • Mask (recommend disposable for heat)


  • Dance shoes (label with name & have plastic bag with name)

  • Water bottle (label with name)

  • Bug spray

  • Sunscreen

  • Allergy/EPI pen

  • Face towel  

  • Students in multiple classes: additional costumes in clear plastic bag with name on costume & bag

  • At check in your additional costumes will be labeled for quick change

  • No valuables or jewelry

  • No wifi only cell service. For waiting time: recommend student has a book or notebook to color.



  • Park in lot 1 or 4 (avoid reserved spot)

  • Follow map, marked signs to stage (5 min walk in wooded path)

  • Restrooms located by parking lot 1 (5 min walk from stage)

  • At stage: Check-in table for sign in sheet & chaperone name tag

  • Students 4-7 years: Parent/guardian chaperone required at all times

  • Students 8 years and older: After sign-in, staff will supervise students until after class performs.


  • Rehearsal: Each class will practice their dance on stage 1 time. Focus will be on entrance/exit, spacing on stage, and reviewing choreography

  • Rehearsal & Show: Staff will have holding areas for each class backstage with 1 supervisor per class for backstage support.

  • Students must be at stage on time for start of rehearsal.

  • Students must report backstage 5 minutes before show starts


  • Responsible for student or a group of students age 4-7 who are in the same show.

  • Is go to person for restroom trips, costume support, any other individual needs.

  • Will make sure student is back stage when needed to rehearse/perform.

  • Will watch show from the front of stage either standing near stage or in front row of benches. (does not count as seated attendee)

  • After class dance, students are dismissed down front ramp of stage. Chaperone will collect student & shoes.

  • Family may watch the rest of the show or leave. Be sure to collect all belongings.



  • Each showcase is estimated to last 30 mins

  • Families may watch the whole showcase or leave after their student dances to allow for more people to sit.

  • Please remain seated during dances.

  • Showcase will be recorded and a link shared later in the month

  • Showcase digital programs will be available on our website

  • Class group photo will be taken during rehearsal and photos are allowed during the Showcase (please be respectful of other audience members when taking pictures).


  • Attendance capacity limits are based on Wolf Trap’s rules.

  • Currently capacity limits: 2 attendees per family (for bench seats)

  • Children’s Theatre-in-the-Woods has tiered bench seating.

  • First come first serve to pick bench seat

  • Social distance in family pod: Tape marks on benches will separate groups by 6ft.

  • Standing room: behind or on 1 side of seating area. (in woods, dirt, not appropriate for blankets)


  • June 5th & 6th: No Class at studio for weekend classes that perform in showcase.

  • June 7th-13th: Last week of Winter/Spring Session

  • June 14th: Summer Program Camps & Classes Start


Post Show

  • We will not be selling flowers or concession this year.

  • Please plan ahead and bring flowers, water, snacks.

  • Showcase recording & class photo links will be shared later in month

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