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DAV Safety Guidelines

Providing guidelines to safely build our dance community together prioritizing the health and safety of all students, families, and staff. By collectively taking precautions and utilizing our virtual platform as needed we work together to keep us all safe. 

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Recommended Resources:

Free App for contact tracing: Virginia Covidwise

CDC Symptoms & Self Check Assessment


  • As a safety precaution, when a student has any symptoms that are on the CDC covid-19 list, we request your student attend class via zoom for 2 weeks or until you can verify through a doctor or covid test that symptoms are not due to the coronavirus. 

    • Please email/call the office to let us know when your student plans to attend via zoom.

    • All registered students received a zoom link for their classes. Please save link/meeting ID & password so you may use as needed. The same link is used for the entire session. With limited admin staff, we cannot guarantee support with last minute zoom requests. 

  • Parent conducts regular health checks of students. If  symptoms arise, students should attend class virtually until a negative covid test is confirmed.

  • If a student attends class, has no fever, but other symptoms on covid list arise during class, the school will contact parents to determine whether student should go home. 

  • We will call the number we have on file from student’s registration. Please make sure we have the cell phone number of at least 1 of the parents and of a caregiver, if applicable.

  • If a student is sent home, please follow up with the school promptly on student’s status so we may notify families if an exposure occurs. 

COVID Exposure Plan:

  • If a student is exposed to a positive covid case, please have student attend classes on zoom until a covid test is taken with negative results. 

  • Please notify the school of exposure immediately.

    • We will contact class or classes that may be affected by exposure. Your privacy is maintained.

    • If school has a confirmed positive case, affected classes will go virtual for 2 weeks.

    • Please take covid test if symptoms arise. .