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2023 Annual Spring Recital Guide


All students in Little Dancer Level through Teen levels who are registered in classes for the 22-23 School Year.  (Move with Me & Dancing Tots will have a studio parent observation class.)


Saturday, June 10th:

Youth Show 1 & 2 Dress Rehearsal // Academy Dress Rehearsal and Performance


Sunday, June 11th: 

Little Dancer Show 1 & 2 Dress Rehearsal and Performance // Youth Show 1 & 2 Performance


Kenmore Middle School

200 S. Carlin Springs Rd., Arlington, VA

800-seat theater



  • Participation in DAV's 2023 Annual Spring Recital is automatic!

  • Please let us know no later than November 15th if your dancer will not be participating.

  • Each class performs a dance in the recital with unique music, costume & choreography. 

  • Be sure to attend weekly classes to learn/prepare recital choreography.

  • Limit class switches. Each class has its own unique costume and choreography.

    • Switching classes will result in the need to purchase an additional costume.​

  • 1 stage dress rehearsal to set your student up for success!

  • Performance 



  • Show distributions will be finalized after Winter Break.

  • Show length estimates: Little Dancer Program 30 min, Youth Program 60-75 min, Academy 90 min

  • All performances will be filmed and available to download free for our families to share with their loved ones.

  • Students are supervised during performance and dismissed to parent/guardian after performance at designated pick up location.

  • We highly encourage students and families to stay for the entire performance. Youth Program shows will have a choreographed finale.


  • Tickets will go on sale in April 

  • There are no complimentary tickets this year.

  • Ticket quotas have increased for families.

  • If you purchased our VIP Recital Package you will have the opportunity to purchase tickets a week before the public.


  • Students will be measured in November & Costumes will be ordered in December.

  • When costumes arrive, staff will fit the dancers for the costumes and send them home.

  • Parents will be required to sign the costumes out the day it is distributed to your dancer.

  • Parents will be responsible for storing costume & headpiece until performance day.

  • If your dancer switches classes after costumes have been ordered you will be required to purchase a new costume as all classes have unique costumes this year.


COVID Policies for Recital:


  • DAV is following current CDC guidelines, and masks are currently optional.

  • We will update families if guidelines change.

2021 DAV Recital Ms. Katherine Kinder Ballet

22-23 | Spring Recital | Guide

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